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Chosun Refractories Co., Ltd.

Company Name: Chosun Refractories Co., Ltd.
Category: Product
Country: South Korea
Adress: 55 Saneop-ro Kwangyang-si Jeollanam-do (Taein-dong)
ZIP: 1657-9
Website: http://www.chosunref.co.kr
Company Profile

Welcome to Chosun Refractories.
I am pleased to see you online and excited to have this virtual venue for diverse interactions with you.

Chosun Refractories (CR) has localized more than 99% of domestic refractories and founded a joint company in China as part of efforts
to measure up to the needs of global clients. Also, to act up to its corporate social responsibility, CR has formulated a win-win corporate culture
embracing customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

CR will focus on improving the management and quality to become the world’s best refractories company.
Despite the changing times, CR will remain steadfast in earnestly serving clients as a dependable partner.
Let us stick together and march forward into the bright future.

Thanks again for visiting CR online.